The Concept

Software Concept - General about the structure of this software

Methodical Concept - Background knowledge for users


Basics of visTABLE®touch - Purpose of the app
The visTABLE®touch User Interface - Where to find things
Overview of functions (ordered alphabetically) - What you can do and how it is done

visTABLE® 3D view

Basics of visTABLE® 3D View - Just 3D!
User Interface - Where to find things
Settings - What to set in 3D
Lift/Lower - Containers on the table, or the like…
Camera Settings - Design your 3D perspective
Measuring in 3D - Measure distances in the space
Screenshot - Just snap a shot in 3D
Record a video - Share living pictures
Export 3D Scene - Virtual reality and more…


Basics of visTABLE®logix - From the value stream to the layout
visTABLE®logix User Interface - The process cockpit
Edit Production Program - How products turn into processes
Edit Product Family - Make more of your value stream data

visTABLE® Object Manager

Basics of visTABLE® Object Manager - Essential knowledge before starting work with the visTABLE® Object Manager
User Interface - Where to find things
Managing libraries - Where to find the parts of the model library
Managing catalogs - The structure of a user library
Import - How get your own 2D and 3D data in a user library
Export - How to back up models and catalogs as files
Manage Models - A visTABLE® model can more than only 3D geometry
Merge Modules - Be the master of model complexity and performance

visTABLE® License Manager

Activation, Borrowing and Transfer of Licenses - Use the visTABLE® license pools efficiently

Notes for administrators

Activation - How to license your software
Technical Notes - For the IT expert.